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Project Description
A simple HTTP proxy with a client library (written in C#, .NET 4.0) and server scripts (written in PHP). Currently supports HTTP and HTTPS, the server scripts can run on both Apache and IIS servers.


.NET Framework 4.0 (Client side)

Apache or IIS server that supports PHP 5.2.x (Server side) 



  • Download the zip file
  • Copy all the files in the PHP folder to your server, they must locate in the same folder (e.g. /alderamin/)
  • Create a folder called “temp”under the folder where you upload the scripts (e.g. /alderamin/temp)
  • Create a folder with the name same as your AccessKey (e.g. /alderamin/temp/test)


  • Fill up the information of your scripts


  • Start the local client and set up the your browser's proxy to the address given by the local client (e.g.

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